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Direct driveArrangement 4PFD packaged fanswith reinforced
airfoil wheels are designed for higher pressure supply air
applications, such as packaged boilers.
Steep, stable pressure curve allows
near constant air delivery.Three
wheel designs for all standard
motor speeds offer a broad
performance range.
Sizes: 2000 to 4412
Volumes to 76,000CFM
Pressures to 51" wg
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With rugged radial tippedwheels, the IRT
is ideal for induced draft, industrial dust
collection, andmost harsh airstreams.
The fan is available in belt drive
Arrangement 1 and 9
configurations plus direct
driveArrangement 8.
Sizes: 3000 to 6000
Volumes to 160,000CFM
Pressures to 33" wg
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High efficiency airfoil wheel combinedwith belt drive flexibility
ideal for combustion air, product cooling, high pressure drying
and supply air, liquid agitation applications.Optional single
surface backward curvedwheel for light dust loads.
Fan features heavy duty roller bearings and shaft,
rugged basemount.Available inArrangements 1
and 9 belt drive;Arrangement 8 direct drive.
Sizes: 2700 to 6600
Volumes to 170,000CFM
Pressures to 40" wg
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Awide selection of airfoil, backward curved
and radial tipwheel designs are available
for forced and induced draft applications.
Typical installations include incinerators,
baghouses, kilns, furnaces aswell as
other custom processes.Fans are
custom built inmost arrange-
ments, fully factory completed,
and field erected fans.
Wheels to 108"
Volumes to 1,000,000CFM
Pressures to 70" wg
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for Airfoil
Heavy radial wheels are recommended for pollution
control applications, such as continuous duty of
primary air on burners, pulverizers,
fluidizers and scrubbers.Options
include abrasion and corrosion
resistant constructionmaterials.
Variablewidths and diameters
provide exact performancewith
direct drive convenience.
Wheels to 100"
Volumes to 440,000CFM
Pressures to 108" wg
All custom fans are availablewith
API 673 and 560 construction
features tomeet the stringent
demands of the petroleum industry.
Although fans are built for a
variety of refinery applications,
each one is individually
engineered using one of 15
distinct designs to fulfill per-
formance specifications and the
unique demands of the installation.
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for RadialTip
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Chicagomanufactures stack and fan dampers formost applications.
Included are pre-engineered InletVolumeControls (IVC), plus custom
Outlet Dampers, ButterflyDampers and Inlet Box LouvreDampers,
both thePre-Spin andOpposedBlade types.
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